Steps to Download Apna Mart App and Order Groceries Online in Ranchi

The online grocery app is popular in India, and it is safe to predict that the need and demand for the online grocery delivery industry will just increase from here onwards. The advantages and convenience that online grocery app provide to consumers who do not wish to go to retail supermarkets and do their own shopping is what makes this trendy. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the increase in delivery startups, more users than ever before are able to shop for groceries online.

Online grocery delivery businesses are growing rapidly across different countries, closing the gap between customers and local stores while providing a useful grocery experience. This is why so many entrepreneurs put their money into such startups.

How To Download Apna Mart Online Grocery App?

It’s quite simple to download the Apna Mart Online grocery delivery app. The user has to go to the playstore, search for the “Apna Mart” app, and start downloading the app.

  1. Make your profile on Apna Mart with your phone number.
  2. Browse and add the groceries to your cart.
  3. Check out the cart after paying using the preferred payment method.
  4. Select a delivery slot and wait for them to assign a slot to you.
  5. Download now

What Are The Key Features In Apna Mart Grocery Delivery App?

The online grocery delivery by Apna Mart app has a list of distinguishable features that makes the life of the consumers easy. Given below are those top features:

Easy Signup and Login

Making a profile is the first step for customers who will download the online grocery delivery app. It is critical since users would need to monitor their orders, make payments, and do other things. So, in order to customize all of it, the user must first set up a profile.

A registration and profile feature allows the user to enter the information needed into the Apna Mart app. It helps to personalize the profile to their requirements.

Users can edit their information, and configure their choices and settings by selecting the Edit Profile option. The profile data of the users will allow you to send individualized alerts, offers, and much more.

Search For Groceries And Other Essentials

This is among the most visible and important features of an online grocery delivery app. After logging into the app, the customer will browse for everyday items or grocery stores near the area.

A simple search option would then prove useful when looking for the goods they need to purchase online. The grocery items in the Apna Mart app are arranged by name, price, and type of grocery. It is the best grocery delivery app in India.

The user's quest for whatever they want to purchase will be much simpler with this smart list. People can look through the lists and place their orders.

Your Orders History

Customers may wish to view the orders they placed before. This can happens due to different reasons like rechecking if they placed the right orders, calculating if they spent too much, comparing prices with another online grocery delivery app, and so on. This feature will allow customers to review previously ordered items.

Add To Cart

Users may place orders from multiple locations and stores. You don't expect them to purchase from one shop, finish the ordering, pay that shop, then go to the next shop and make a purchase, and so forth. That's why a cart option is given so that consumers can choose all of their goods from anywhere they want, add them to a cart, and place their order at once.

Furthermore, customers may add items to a cart but complete the purchase whenever they want. It can be the next day or some other time. A cart saves the selected products in one place and allows the order to be finished whenever the consumer wants it.

Schedule Your Delivery

Would it not be wonderful if users could schedule orders beforehand, and the goods would be supplied when the planned order was made?

Groceries are essential components of our way of life. However, users can become engrossed in their work and forget to purchase things. However, with this choice, they can have their groceries delivered at the optimal time. It's one of those aspects that make your consumers even more enthusiastic about the Apna Mart app.

More Payment Options

Once the users have placed their order, it is time to checkout to finish the transaction. A prominent factor is an online payment. In the Apna Mart grocery app, you will find multiple payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, or even cash on delivery, to make it easier for users to pay.

Users will input and share their credit card information when making payments online. Apna Mart ensures that the payment procedure is as secure and protected as possible. A secure payment option will inspire more consumers to pay online through your app, ultimately increasing user trust in your company.

Register for Subscription

To avail of the amazing service by Apna Mart, you can register for a subscription for the whole year. You will get a lot of exciting offers as well.

What Are The Locations The Apna Mart Grocery App Covers In Ranchi?

If you want to buy grocery online in Ranchi, no need to worry! Given below are the locations the Apna Mart grocery app covers in Ranchi:


To conclude, online grocery delivery has made our lives easier as they offer same-day grocery delivery. Apna mart is one of the best grocery delivery apps in India that you can trust without worrying. Now you can buy grocery online in Ranchi from the comfort of your home.

1. Is Apna Mart App available for both Android and iOS users?

Yes, Apna Mart App is available for both Android and iOS users.

2. What is the minimum order value in the apna mart delivery app?

There is no minimum order value in the Apna Mart Delivery app.

3. Is there any delivery charge applicable?

No extra delivery charges are applied in the Apna Mart grocery app. You get free home delivery for all your grocery purchases.

4. How long will it take to refund if I cancel my order?

If you cancel your order, the refund will reach you within 24hrs.

5. Are all the groceries delivered fresh?

Yes, all the groceries are delivered fresh.